I am grateful to be a member of the inaugural BAC Artivism Fellowship, which will provide financial support, mentorship, networking opportunities, and education workshops for artist-activists who use their tools to impact the world around us. This inaugural fellowship specifically supports Black, female-identifying artist-activists who use narrative or stories in our work focused on issues related to systemic racism and criminal justice reform.

“Black women have always been on the front lines leading the charge for social justice, human rights, and equality,” said BAC co-founder Adrienne Warren in a statement. “However, Black women are often left out of the narratives connected to those causes and rarely celebrated in moments of triumph. This fellowship is an opportunity to uplift, empower, and support female-identifying artists of color, while centering those directly affected by systemic racism and inequality through BAC’s methodology. We are all served when a Black woman’s voice is amplified.”

"BAC, the arts-based advocacy nonprofit founded by members of the Broadway community as a response to police brutality and racism throughout the country, is offering this fellowship to 10 female-identifying artists based in the United States, supporting them over the course of six months and culminating in a digital presentation of their work."

Be on the lookout for more information on the development of my project, THE HONORABLE. Click the photo for more info on all the Artivism Fellows:

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Day 74 is the Grand Prize Winner! Click the first photo for more information on the Curbside Shorts Challenge and the other winners on the IMDb website! Thank you to the preliminary and finals jury as well as everyone who watched, shared, and voted!

I made my directorial debut during the pandemic (such a wild time) as a part of the Women in Film LA, ReFrame Project, AudPop, and IMDbPro Curbside Short Films Challenge. Day 74. follows an afternoon in the life of a Kenyan woman in quarantine alone. It asks the question: "What rituals ease the chaos boiling in our minds?" Starring: Amandla Jahava. Written by: Moses Ingram and Patricia Fa'asua. Story by: Mo, Tricia, and me. Produced by: Ava McCoy. I love these dope women and collaborators! 

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Thank you to Bryan Abrams for this profile on the Motion Picture Association's The Credits website. Click the photo to read the full article about our process making Day 74.

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The Goldfish Short Film, written and directed by Ashley Brim Riddle (An Act of Terror, Homeland) and starring Diarra Kilpatrick (American KokoPerry Mason).